Friday, December 6, 2013

Update for Dec 6 2013

This is an update notice to state my brain is hurting less such that I can post this update.

If I don't get another chance --

Merry Christmas to one and all, and may your Holidays be full of joy

Friday, January 12, 2007

Free CSS Layouts And Templates | Smashing Magazine

Free CSS Layouts And Templates | Smashing Magazine

This link is great....

Do I bookmark it? Yes? Oh, ok ----> is that with firefox, with which folder buried in which folders? Or Google bookmarks - yahoo - how about - throw in stumbleupon - OR...

how about scrapbook - oh wait, is that firefox's scrapbook or googles notebook - or the old fashioned save page on hardrive (naw, scrapbook is better than that)

tag it in google reader <-> email it to outlook - stuff it in , uh, which folder should that go into....

um, or .... uh ....

Thursday, January 11, 2007


My brain really, really hurts:

  • average of 35 web pages open at any time, with frequent highs of 100
  • 1300+ unread emails, waiting, organized in neat folders
  • firefox has 25 extensions, i need to check for updates periodically
  • google homepage has a bunch of informative modules
  • google reader has 30+ feeds that are all overflowing
  • 20+ google groups I'm subscribed and occasionally take a look at
  • feedreader has 40+ feeds with 15000+ unread headlines
  • 4500+ bookmarks in firefox
  • 543 entries in firefox scrapbook - 185MB in size (that's more info)
  • pagerank, alexa rank, weather, webpage pixel size, search options, multiple search boxes, google notebook too, search in bookmark, search in wikipedia, search in page, search google-amazon-ebay-technorati-creativecommons-del.ic.ou.s-bitorrent-yahoo-answers-imdb-webmd-...
  • ... search history, craigslist, internetarchive, ibiblio,
  • join malinglists, newsgroups, usenetgroups, forums, more forums, forums about forums,
  • manage website, another website, manage bookmarks for websites
  • manage ftp accounts, remember where things were downloaded
  • manage laptop repository, serverBox files (how old are these?), my documents, not docs but installs, new videos, ebooks, music, games?YouKiddingME?, what are these folders?
  • .... more ....
there's more, oh there's more... a vast landscape that goes on as far as the eye can see...