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Update for Dec 6 2013

This is an update notice to state my brain is hurting less such that I can post this update. If I don't get another chance -- Merry Christmas to one and all, and may your Holidays be full of joy
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Free CSS Layouts And Templates | Smashing Magazine

Free CSS Layouts And Templates | Smashing Magazine This link is great.... Do I bookmark it? Yes? Oh, ok ----> is that with firefox, with which folder buried in which folders? Or Google bookmarks - yahoo - how about - throw in stumbleupon - OR... how about scrapbook - oh wait, is that firefox's scrapbook or googles notebook - or the old fashioned save page on hardrive (naw, scrapbook is better than that) tag it in google reader <-> email it to outlook - stuff it in , uh, which folder should that go into.... um, or .... uh ....


My brain really, really hurts: average of 35 web pages open at any time, with frequent highs of 100 1300+ unread emails, waiting, organized in neat folders firefox has 25 extensions, i need to check for updates periodically google homepage has a bunch of informative modules google reader has 30+ feeds that are all overflowing 20+ google groups I'm subscribed and occasionally take a look at feedreader has 40+ feeds with 15000+ unread headlines 4500+ bookmarks in firefox 543 entries in firefox scrapbook - 185MB in size (that's more info) pagerank, alexa rank, weather, webpage pixel size, search options, multiple search boxes, google notebook too, search in bookmark, search in wikipedia, search in page, search google-amazon-ebay-technorati-creativecommons-del.ic.ou.s-bitorrent-yahoo-answers-imdb-webmd-... ... search history, craigslist, internetarchive, ibiblio, join malinglists, newsgroups, usenetgroups, forums, more forums, forums about forums, manage website, another we